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REGBLOG – Essentials: The Street Photographer With A Strobe

Courtesy of the smart folks at Phoblographer, here’s a great article on using strobes and what that means for your street candids and action shots of transportation at work. Check it out and give it a try! (They have lots of other great advice…

Reblog: The Art of Photographing People

Some amazing tips here for your reading (and using!) delight, from our friends at The Phoblographer:

Looking to Make a Spectacular Faces of Transportation Entry?

Check out some amazing long-exposure photos from the good folks at the Digital Photography School. If you can get a face in there…

Tips for Photographing Strangers

Looking to get those FACES we keep talking about in your photos of transportation? Take some advice from our friends over at Phoblographer – and you won’t go wrong!