Song Titles Setting the Tone for ‘Faces of Transportation’ Photo/Video Contest

WASHINGTON – The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials annual Faces of Transportation photography and video contest is marking its 13th year with a twist. Song titles will define the four categories used in the photography portion of the competition and social media participation is being strongly encouraged this year.

“Transportation is about people,” said Lloyd Brown, AASHTO communications director. “This competition’s goal is to focus on the people who build, maintain and use the transportation system that serves as the backbone of our strong economy and high quality of life.”

In the song title category “Highway Song” by Blackfoot, the photos should include people using or working on surface transportation, including but not limited to roadways, tunnels, bridges, pedestrian and bike trails. In the song title category “Sailing Away” by Christopher Cross, the photos should include people using or working on ships, boats, ferries and at waterway facilities such as ports. In the song title category “The Subway Song” by The Icarus Account, the photos should include people using or working on all things rail-related including subways and mass transit systems. The final song title category is “Watching Airplanes” by Gary Allan.  The photos in this category should include people using or working in aviation. $500 cash prizes will be presented to the winners of both the People’s Choice and the Best Overall Photograph award and a $100 award is available to the winner of the best photograph submitted via social media—Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

In the video section of the competition state department of transportation employees only can enter videos produced in-house for consideration in the 2018 competition. All videos will be judged based on their ability to demonstrate excellence in storytelling. The first prize winner in the video competition will receive $150, second prize $100 and third prize $50. All of the winning videos will be featured on AASHTO Transportation TV and AASHTO’s YouTube Channel.

Winning video and photography submissions must prominently feature people designing, constructing, using and enjoying the nation’s multimodal transportation system. All entries must represent the positive effects of all modes of transportation on individuals and communities. Photographs and videos which include recognizable individuals must be accompanied by a model release form regardless of the category or entry method; all photos and videos must include a caption that describes the scene. Failure to meet these requirements may lead to disqualification.

All entries must be received by Friday, June 15, 2018. Judging will begin on June 18. The general public will vote for the People’s Choice Award photograph on this site. Online judging will begin June 18 and end July 15, 2018.

The winners of the 2018 Faces of Transportation competition will be announced on July 20 here and on social media. Entry forms and contest rules are available in the menu above.

2018 Competition Coming Soon!

On your marks! Get ready!

The competition opens in less than two weeks… dust off your camera, load up a new memory card, and get out and take some amazing pictures! Stay tuned to this page for updates.

And The Winners Are…

Two aesthetically intriguing photographs and two compelling videos won top prizes in the Faces of Transportation competition sponsored by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation officials.

The photographs depicting transportation professionals and citizens interacting with iconic symbols of the nation’s infrastructure won the Grand Prize and the People’s Choice Awards. A judge selected the Grand Prize photograph and more than 5,800 online votes decided the People’s Choice award winner.

Private citizens and state department of transportation employees from 21 states submitted 118 photographs and nine videos in the competition. The photographic entries were judged in categories new for 2017: Motor Vehicles; Pedestrians and Bicycles; Planes; Roadways and Bridges; Ships and Boats, and; Trains. Videos competed in two categories: Professional Production and In-House/Amateur/Novice.

I-55 Bridge inspection by Chris Doggett and Kevin Milligan in bucket

The Grand Prize in the photography competition was awarded to Arkansas Department of Transportation Photographer Rusty Hubbard for his photograph of two bridge inspectors scrutinizing the I-55 span between Arkansas and Tennessee.

Kenan Erdemir and Brianna Wood enjoying a walk in Smale Riverfront Park, Cincinnati, OH. Behind them is the John A. Roebling Bridge.

The People’s Choice Award was presented to photographer Nancy Wood who captured two pedestrians enjoying Smale Riverfront Park with a fantastic view of the John A. Roebling bridge in the background.


In the video competition, the Fairbanks International Airport won in the Professional Production category for its high quality production highlighting ANC Airport Airfield Maintenance.

The Nevada Department of Transportation tied itself in the In-House Production/Amateur/Novice category for two of its videos: Controlling the Snow and Going to New Heights: Galena Bridge Inspection.

The videos were judged by AASHTO Media Relations Manager Tony Dorsey, a former television reporter/anchor at the NBC station in Washington D.C.

To view all of the entries in this year’s competition, visit the Faces of Transportation blog at

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Voting is open for all of the great photos submitted for this year’s contest! Go browse, vote for your favorite, and vote once per day!

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We’re Giving You Some Extra Time

Time is precious. We know that.

And the summer is hot. Hard to get out and shoot when it’s 98 in the shade.

So, to give you a chance to cool off, take your best shot, and send it to us, we’ve decided to extend the deadline for submitting your photos and videos.

New deadline: August 25, 2017.

Now, get out there and take some great photos and video of the faces of transportation!

2017 Themes

We’ve completely revamped the themes for this year’s contest, making them broader and simpler.

Basically, they are based on what we here at AASHTO call “modes” – that is, the ways that people and goods get around.

Motor Vehicles
Car, trucks, motorcycles – you name it. If it has an engine and has people in it or on it, we want to see it.

Roadways & Bridges
In a typical year, we get lots of photos of pretty roads and bridges – without people using them! Give us those same beautiful roadways with lovely faces.

Pedestrians & Bicycles
Walking, running, biking, hiking – the possibilities are endless as long as they are people-focused.

Ships & Boats
The water makes a gorgeous setting for this mode of transportation, whether it’s for recreation, freight, security, or any other maritime-related activity (with people).

Railways and transit are a natural for photography. Show us those passengers who are using the system to get around the city, or across the country.

Jetting off to a business meeting, to a vacation with the family, or to an exotic locale (even shipping packages by air freight) can be exciting and make a good photo.

All New for 2017!

We’re back!

Sparks fly as construction crews work quickly to remove an old bridge over I-235 in Oklahoma City during a complete closure of the entire interstate overnight.

After a year’s hiatus, we’ve retooled, revamped, and reorganized the Faces of Transportation Photo Contest. Gone are the broad categories that made photographers try to shoehorn images into descriptions that didn’t really fit. And gone are the restrictions that that placed on your creativity.

Now you’ll find that we have opened up the categories to be much more focused on transportation subjects. Here at AASHTO, we talk of “modes” (planes, trains, and automobiles!) that move people and goods around the country. It’s much more natural to be taking a photo of a worker on a road or bridge, or a person on a bike, or the conductor of a train, or of an experienced truck driver – than it is to classify a beautiful photo into something like Building the Future. (What were we thinking?)

So. Get out there. Take some great photos. (Be careful!) Free up your creativity. Show us the wonderful faces that make transportation across our beautiful nation. Enter today!