People’s Choice Voting Delay

We know, we know. We promised you that People’s Choice voting on submissions would start on Monday, August 13.

What can we say? We received so many entries that it is taking us a bit longer to get them ready for posting and voting that we anticipated!

And that is a great thing!

We hope to have everything ready to go by next Monday, August 20. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

Sometimes, things take a bit longer to come together than expected.

What Do You Think?

For this year’s competition, we streamlined our entry process and opened it up to a wider audience.

What do you think?

Today’s The Day!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve shot! Get ’em in by the end of the day…

Just Two Weeks Left!

The competition is coming down to the wire.

You have yet to get out and take a single picture.

You’re thinking of places, shots, lighting, color, safety and model releases.

Stop thinking and get out and shoot some pictures!


Just get out there and get shooting!

Don’t Get Stuck…

These gentlemen didn’t submit an entry form and look what happened to them.

When you’re submitting your photos, please be sure to fill out the entry and model release forms for each photo you put in!

We can’t take entries without them…

Caption Writing: There Are Some Rules

Without a caption or cutline, you might never know that this is Vincent Palazzo, Jr., RI DOT construction inspector, with his grandson, Vincent T. Palazzo looking at a sinkhole in West Warwick, RI.

Did you know that captions are (next to headlines) the most read content in any publication?

And here we thought they just served to identify the folks in the picture.

Before you submit that great photo to our contest, take a read of this great article on caption writing from the University of Kansas. You might pick up some useful tips like we did!

Montana DOT: Historical Photos

Some beautiful images here, from our friends at the Montana Department of Transportation!

Montana 3
Can you say “stuck in the mud”?