2014 Themes

You may have noticed that we’re doing things a little differently for this year’s Faces of Transportation photo contest.

To start: themes! This year’s themes were selected to give you broad topics from which to choose and to allow for lots of, well, faces!

Quality of Life/Community Development
Photos in this theme will emphasize transportation projects, and the people who work on them, that have contributed to the general quality of life and economic development of local communities.

Historic Projects
In conjunction with AASHTO’s Centennial celebration, photos in this theme will emphasize a historic project and the people who worked to restore or refurbish it, celebrations of historic transportation projects, or the people who make transportation history come alive.

Taking the Road Less Traveled
Photos in this theme will emphasize the people who use the nation’s transportation network to discover new places, move to new locations, and explore.

So, get out there and get those great photos!

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