Why Transportation? And Why *Faces* of Transportation?

AR-001n_galWe often get asked, “Why is transportation so important?” Usually followed, in the case of the Faces of Transportation photo/video contest, “Why focus on people?”

We’re transportation geeks, so there are a million answers involving engineering, design, traffic, capacity, sustainability, mobility, and all kinds of other in-the-weeds words we could use to answer the first question. And there are just as many answers to what we’re looking for in a good photograph or video of people in or using transportation.

But, what it really comes down to is this: America’s transportation network touches all of our lives every day. We use it to get to work and school by train, car, bus, and bike; we use it to get milk and eggs and all the other products we buy to the store by truck; we use it to get patients, and the vital medicines they need to hospitals; we use it to see this great country of ours in all of its majesty. The infrastructure we’ve built of roads, bridges, tunnels, tracks, paths, and sidewalks, binds us together in ways visible and invisible.

And that’s just the concrete, steel, and asphalt part.

The other, vital, fleeting part is the people who make, keep, and use that physical piece. You and your family, you and your colleagues at work, you and all the people who get out there everyday.

That’s why we sponsor this competition each year and have for 11 years. And that’s why it’s so important for us. We want to see YOU out there!

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