Did He Need a Model Release?

boulevardYou’ve probably seen it: the iconic photograph Louis Daguerre (the inventor of the daguerreotype) took of the Boulevard du Temple in Paris in 1838.

Because the exposure took about 10 minutes to make, all the moving objects in the frame don’t appear – carriages, pedestrians, horses, etc. are invisible as they moved too fast for the slow exposure to capture them. (Ghost transportation!)

But one gentleman, getting his shoes shined, managed to stay relatively still for long enough to appear as a slightly blurred figure in the lower left of the frame.

Hard to imagine with the cameras we now take for granted. Hard to imagine now that we carry around such sophisticated cameras in our pockets (attached to our phones!), that can capture amazing detail, quick action, and brilliant color.

Something to think about next time you’re out lamenting that the light is just not right…

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