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2014 Faces of Transportation Gallery

Today’s The Day!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve shot! Get ’em in by the end of the day…

Just Two Weeks Left!

The competition is coming down to the wire. You have yet to get out and take a single picture. You’re thinking of places, shots, lighting, color, safety and model releases. STOP. Just get out there and get shooting!

Caption Writing: There Are Some Rules

Did you know that captions are (next to headlines) the most read content in any publication? And here we thought they just served to identify the folks in the picture. Before you submit that great photo to our contest, take a read of this…

Tip: Let the Color Orange Be Your Friend

It’s unavoidable in most photographs of transportation. Orange. Cones, barrels, safety vests, fencing, lights, equipment. It threatens to dominate any photograph you take of a project and the people working on it. It doesn’t seem to be a very friendly color to have in…

Florida DOT: Historic Transportation Photos

Here’s a very interesting site from the Florida Department of Transportation that really gets us inspired! Transportation photography offers such a wide variety of subjects that even back then, with bulky, sometimes difficult equipment, photographers got a lot of great shots. So many wonderful…

Tip: Photographing Transportation Means Working Outside

Obvious, right? But there are many considerations when taking pictures outside that, combined with the special requirements of photographing transportation, mean some extra effort on the photographer’s part. Read this article from e-How magazine to get some ideas!