Getting a Model Release

An inspector looks at rebar as part of an Idaho Transportation Department project.

You’ve scoped out where you’re going to take that winning transportation photo. You’ve got your plan on how to take pictures safely and efficiently. You’ve got your equipment ready and your battery charged.

What about the model release?

Since this is a photo contest all about people (after all, it’s called “Faces of Transportation”!), everyone in your photos whose face is clearly recognizable must sign a model release. This protects all involved (the subject, you, and AASHTO) by giving us permission to use their likeness in books, reports, brochures, web sites, and many other publications.

Read up on the issue in this great article by Better Photo, and be sure to take one or more copies of AASHTO’s model release along with you in your equipment bag.

Now you’re ready!

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