Tip: Let the Color Orange Be Your Friend

It’s unavoidable in most photographs of transportation.


Signal Man
A signalman working for the Nebraska Department of Roads.

Cones, barrels, safety vests, fencing, lights, equipment. It threatens to dominate any photograph you take of a project and the people working on it. It doesn’t seem to be a very friendly color to have in a picture…

But don’t let it overwhelm you (or your photographs)! We read a fascinating article on color theory in photography and it opened our eyes (pun intended). When you’re out shooting, be conscious of how one color (orange, yes, but other colors, too) can add depth, interest and excitement to your photos. Find out how one color can even jump out and emphasize your subject.

Orange you glad we posted this?

2 Comments on “Tip: Let the Color Orange Be Your Friend

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