The Art of the Matter

We love photography, especially transportation photography because it is dynamic, full of activity, life, and purpose. People in transportation photos inspire us and make us work all that much more diligently to make America’s transportation system the best that it can be.

But can transportation photography be art?

Can a photo of a hard-working transportation professional, a commuter riding the bus, a family out on the great byways of this country, a soaring bridge, a beautiful plane, a chugging ferry be elevated to the status of art?

And does that really even matter?

Let’s be honest: we’re not producing a gallery show or a coffee table book.

We are running the Faces of Transportation photo contest to get great photos of people designing, building, maintaining and using the transportation system this wonderful country has to offer so that we can show off those photos in our publications, web sites, brochures, reports, etc.

And, you’ll probably agree, even utilitarian photos can be artful (or even just well taken). After all, a poorly shot, confused or boring photo is not going to win any contest, no matter the subject matter.

So, here’s what it all boils down to: we encourage you to strive for great photos, and if they reach the level of “art” in somebody’s eyes, all the better.

Take a close look at some of our past entries, past winners and some tips from the pros and get out there and make some transportation art!

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