Tip: Lighting and Outdoor Photography

Night paving in Oklahoma.

Obvious point #1: Lighting is essential in taking a good photograph. Not many good photos are taken outside on a dark, cloudy night without a lighting source…

Obvious point #2: Source, color, intensity and direction of light all play their part in the shot. The sun, weather, time of day, even street lights and vehicles contribute to the ever-changing lighting conditions of an outdoor shoot.

So, how do you manage all that?

1. Be Prepared. This is true of any photo shoot, and it bears repeating: do your prep well in advance; scout out the location; look to see where the best angles are from the available light sources; and (we’ve said it before) be safe.

2. Be Flexible. Again, a truism when shooting, but you have to adapt to shifting shadows, annoying secondary sources, odd colors and even the subject(s) themselves. People move, too, and the best light for them doing their job, might not be the best light for you.

3. Be Equipped. Now, you don’t have to have the latest and greatest camera with 65 different lenses and an entire studio lighting set up to get a wonderful photo. In fact, that probably works against you in an outdoor setting, where you need to be light (pun intended!) on your feet. But do have a fill flash, extra batteries and a longer lens.

Here’s some more great advice on outdoor lighting from the US Navy, of all places. Enjoy.

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