All New for 2017!

We’re back!

Sparks fly as construction crews work quickly to remove an old bridge over I-235 in Oklahoma City during a complete closure of the entire interstate overnight.

After a year’s hiatus, we’ve retooled, revamped, and reorganized the Faces of Transportation Photo Contest. Gone are the broad categories that made photographers try to shoehorn images into descriptions that didn’t really fit. And gone are the restrictions that that placed on your creativity.

Now you’ll find that we have opened up the categories to be much more focused on transportation subjects. Here at AASHTO, we talk of “modes” (planes, trains, and automobiles!) that move people and goods around the country. It’s much more natural to be taking a photo of a worker on a road or bridge, or a person on a bike, or the conductor of a train, or of an experienced truck driver – than it is to classify a beautiful photo into something like Building the Future. (What were we thinking?)

So. Get out there. Take some great photos. (Be careful!) Free up your creativity. Show us the wonderful faces that make transportation across our beautiful nation. Enter today!

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