2017 Themes

We’ve completely revamped the themes for this year’s contest, making them broader and simpler.

Basically, they are based on what we here at AASHTO call “modes” – that is, the ways that people and goods get around.

Motor Vehicles
Car, trucks, motorcycles – you name it. If it has an engine and has people in it or on it, we want to see it.

Roadways & Bridges
In a typical year, we get lots of photos of pretty roads and bridges – without people using them! Give us those same beautiful roadways with lovely faces.

Pedestrians & Bicycles
Walking, running, biking, hiking – the possibilities are endless as long as they are people-focused.

Ships & Boats
The water makes a gorgeous setting for this mode of transportation, whether it’s for recreation, freight, security, or any other maritime-related activity (with people).

Railways and transit are a natural for photography. Show us those passengers who are using the system to get around the city, or across the country.

Jetting off to a business meeting, to a vacation with the family, or to an exotic locale (even shipping packages by air freight) can be exciting and make a good photo.

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